2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 Design, Engine, Price

Although there are only a few changes in this version, the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 is one of the best luxurious sports cars to be launched this year. A few improvements in the technology, along with a wider range of colors, make it just a little more flashy and classy than the 2016 version. This year certainly promises to be an interesting one in the Sports Car market, as General Motors seek to make a bold statement with the release of the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71

2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72- Interior and Exterior Design

The 2017 version exhibits a nice, aggressive outward look, and is complemented by new parts that are a little lighter than the previous versions. There is also a wider variety of colors from which one can choose; so chances are high that you will be able to buy your favorite car in your favorite color. The interior is much more immaculate, with comfort enhanced by an ultra-strong suspension system. The outward aesthetics are completed by sparkling 18 inch alloy rims. The dashboard is also more hi-tech, with enhanced functionality and navigation of the media player and gadget mounts. With Colorado truck, mid-size becomes the new full size. The mid-size offers five-sealer space, with a whole pick-up size space behind it, and a lot more comfort inside the cabin. So even after all the touches on it, it is still the same old family size pick-up truck, only that this version is more magnificent.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 - interior

2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 – Engine and Performance

Engine options are also quite a few, with a slightly improved version of the old 2.8 liter Duramax engine producing 200 horsepower and 368lb-ft of torque. Improvements in the engine’s technology mean more fuel efficiency for the car. The typical General Motors Ecotec Engine 2.5l is also one other option that might serve he off-road sports car fan well.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 – Release date and Price

The 2017 version is expected to be released somewhere towards the last quarter of the year, although there are chances that it might come out a little sooner depending on the GM’s market situation. According to sources, you might need to dig just a little deeper into your pocket to get yourself the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 version because it is going to cost some $3000 more than the 2016 version. The expected price for 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 when released is between $31000 and $33000. However, with the expected improvements on the model, this may not be such a high price after all.

2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 - side

2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72- Conclusion

As everyone waits to see what the Chevy Colorado Z72 will look like once it is released, many other developments are expected in the world of cars, and especially when it comes to off-road sports cars. The market is growing more and more demanding for manufacturers, who now have to find the perfect blend of style, class, performance and cost, even as far as luxury sports cars are concerned. This Chevrolet Colorado style, is expected to have all that. Sports car enthusiasts can check out the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Z72 as soon as it is released.


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