2017 Dodge Ram Rebel Specs, Price

There is great anticipation that the Ram Company is set to unveil the 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel, a truck that is bound to induce great competition in the market. Interestingly, this amazing truck is expected to possess stylish design together with amazing exterior formation. Its strong, large and sturdy wheels will absolutely boost its efficient operations on rough terrains and off-road paths. The presence of amazing engine will indeed boost its functionality and exceptional performance. Another thing to note includes the strong and wide grille that has been incorporated in this 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel. This will indeed boost efficient flow of air which will improve the overall performance of the motor. Other features incorporated include a modified bumper, aluminium hood, chrome grille and wider wheel arches. Meanwhile, this truck will be released in the USA, Australia, Canada and UK markets.

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel - front

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel – Exterior and Interior Specs

Apparently, the exterior formation gives this truck an amazing captivating appearance that is designed in a unique way. It actually possesses a forceful and masculine look. For color formation, its red color with some dark tones gives it a perfect display. The black shade and cross-hair radiator grill is expected to work efficiently through permitting sufficient air into the engine. The front and the rear part of this truck are expected to have incredible Ram’s trademark logo attached to it to perfectly display its unique nature. Besides, the truck will be boosted by its 17-inch wheels made of alloy material; this will absolutely boost its strength and ability to move across different territories. In relation to the bumpers located at the front part, they are bound to contain some towing hooks. The rear bumper is also expected to be powder-coated in order offer great protection to this truck. For the headlights they will incorporate some LED daylights and Xenon’ lights for the headlamps. The 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel will also incorporate a dual exhaust system that will boost its efficiency in emitting smoke.


The 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel will adopt incredible interior makeup; its seats are bound to use fabric and vinyl material inserts which will make them comfortable for passengers. The entire color formation inside is dominated by black color which tend to slightly mixed up with red accents. The infotainment system allows UConnect Access with other capabilities of integrating mobile devices (like iPod and tablet) together with the MP3 player that supports a 6-speaker audio system.. The steering is covered with leather to give a firm and strong grip to the driver. The consoles and headrests will also contain the company’s logo.

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel - interior

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel – Engine and Performance

This amazing Dodge truck will contain two alternatives of powerful engines to boost its operation in rough terrains. The first option for 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel will be the 3.6-litre V6 Pentastar engine that will be capable of generating close to 305 HP. The torque produced will be 269 Nm. The other alternative will be the 5.7-litre V8 Hemi engine. It will produce power that stretches to about 395 HP with a torque of 410 Nm. In relation to the performance of the 2017 Dodge Ram Rebel, it is expected to possess an 8-speed power transmission that is bound to save much on its fuel. Thus this makes it easy for one to manage it during fuel economic situation. Other specs include stabilizer bar, air suspension, dampers accessories and great tread patterns on its wheel.

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel - rear

2017 Dodge Ram Rebel – Price and Release Date

Though it has not been officially confirmed, this truck is expected to cost around $29,500. In relation to its release date, the Dodge Ram Rebel 2017 may be available in the first quarter of the 2017.

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