2017 Ford Ranchero Concept Design, Price

Recently, pictures of the new 2017 Ford Ranchero Concept started surfacing on the internet, indicating Ford’s another bold step in its all-famous pickup line-up. Speculations suggest that the automaker may be planning to get this vehicle into production and release it somewhere around mid-2017. This article lists a host of specifications that Ford’s next is set to carry. Read on to find out.

2017 Ford Ranchero Concept - front

2017 Ford Ranchero Concept – Body and Design

As with any concept vehicle, both exterior and interior designs are bold and exquisite. The Ford Ranchero Concept 2017 is not behind as Ford has perfectly blended muscle with elegance.

  1. Its front fascia boasts a massive grille with chrome accents thrown in at every corner. It has vertical bar structure with the Ford badge placed right at the centre.
  2. Headlights are nothing like a muscular pickup truck. It possesses a sleek look with sharp corners. Expect LED fittings here.
  3. Air vents are placed right below the two headlights. This adds that brutal look when combined with the grille.
  4. Front bumper is body-colored with chrome accents at its centre. The hood sports two distinct lines running at its centre.
  5. Expect options for tires. The 2017 Ford Ranchero Concept boasts what looks like 18-inch rims, but it will be no surprise if dimensions touch 20-inch.
  6. Its nose is curved and the roofline is drooping. The cargo bed sports two rails attached to its roof.
  7. The rear end is nothing fancy. Normal trapezoidal LED taillights with chrome exhaust, a single body line running across the tailgate.


Interiors may sport a black shade overall. Expect the steering to be telescopic with manual tilt features, bucket seats with heating options, cargo space in central console and an optional LCD instrument cluster. Infotainment may contain a 7 to 8-inch screen with sync to the pickup’s sensors. Control may either be touchscreen or button based depending on the trims on offer.

2017 Ford Ranchero Concept - interior

2017 Ford Ranchero Concept – Under the hood

Still, in the concept stage, no official details about Ford’s new pickup are available. However, speculations are high on air that the production vehicle may carry a 6.7-liter V8 engine under its hood. Expect a power output figures in the mid-400 hp range from this turbocharged diesel unit. Torque values may also hover around the 400 lb-ft mark.

A smaller version may also be marketed by Ford. This will see Ranchero 2017 house a 2.0-liter or 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines. Its power output will be around 240 hp. The pickup’s performance specs can only be guessed when more details about its curb weight and exact engine ratings become available.

EPA has been on Ford’s cards for a long time now. Rumors suggest that Ford may have claimed that its 2017 Ford Ranchero Concept is designed to reach figures of 35 mpg in city and 40 mpg on highways.

2017 Ford Ranchero Concept – Safety and Technology

Expect all the regulars from Ford in this new pickup as well. Set to come with a price tag of $25,000, the production car will house safety features like:

  1. Adaptive cruise control.
  2. Advanced traction control.
  3. Tire-pressure monitoring system.
  4. Rear view camera with trawler monitoring.
  5. Electronic brakes with the assist.

The 2017 Ford Ranchero Concept pickup may feature blind-spot monitoring and lane-keep assist features in its production line-up. That is if Ford decides to launch a trim for the urban dwellers as well.

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