2017 Ford Ranchero Review, Price

Ranchero is the American automaker’s classic line of pickups. This two-seater first hit the roads in 1957 and Ford continued production till 1979. The company sold nearly 508,355 units of these in that timeframe. Ford brought it back in 2015 and will now release a new 2017 Ford Ranchero along with its F-series pickups.

Maybe Ford just wants to get the Ranchero’s front-wheel drive tradition going. Its F-series mostly run on all-wheel with a massive power output. Current models show that Ranchero is the elegant version of pickups from Ford, both in its power and looks. Images have already started circulating online which suggest that the automaker might go ahead with its concept Ranchero look.

2017 Ford Ranchero - front

2017 Ford Ranchero – Innovations in the Dashboard, Storage and Safety Features

If Ford decides to go ahead with this design, there will be nothing to suggest that the 2017 Ford Ranchero is a pickup, except for its cargo bed. Expect a complete sedan like front fascia with sharp headlights and hexagonal grilles. 5 thin chrome bars will run along inside the hexagon, and the Ford badge will sit right on its nose. The front bumper will sport thin air vents with a vertical strip of fog lights over it.

Another impression shows 2017 Ranchero more of an F-250 look. Front grilles are massive here with a single chrome bar running on its top. The Ford badge sits centrally on the grille and bumpers are also larger. Although headlights design remains same, air vents, in this case, are placed right below them. The nose is bigger also indicating a possibility of a larger engine.

Sides and rear of 2017 Ford Ranchero look pretty much the same in both of the leaked designs. Two distinct body lines running along the wheelbase and trapezoidal LED taillights on its rear. However, the cargo loading height seems higher in the muscular version along with swollen wheel arches.

Nothing on the interior is available yet but expect the regulars from Ford. A carbon fibre intensive cabin design sporting a black and grey shade. The dash may receive a few modifications to mark Ranchero’s 2017 version. Infotainment will continue to sport an 8-inch display combined with feedbacks from the pickup’s sensors. Expect bucket seats with heating features and telescopic steering with power tilt.

2017 Ford Ranchero - interior

2017 Ford Ranchero – Powerful Engine and Performance

A lot of debate going on in the engine section of 2017 Ford Ranchero. While some predict that Ford may improve Ranchero’s power and install its 6.7-liter V8 under its hood, but a 440 hp powertrain is highly unlikely going by Ford’s decent nose design. The air vents do not look enough to cool off this massive engine.

This brings Ford back to its modest 2.0-liter EcoBoost unit. A moderate 240 hp capacity seems the most likely for this Ford Ranchero 2017. However, to continue with the latest trends in pickups, Ford may provide a 3.5-liter EcoBoost with all-wheel drive as an option.

2017 Ford Ranchero – Release Date and How Much will Cost?

In conclusion, as far as safety features are concerned, regulars like cruise control, ABS and park assist, expect Ford to provide blind spot monitoring and lane keeps assist as an option. The base price tag of 2017 Ford Ranchero is likely to be around $25,000. Ford may not bring out trims of this 2017 Ranchero, but a possibility always remains with so many options open to the automaker.


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