2017 Holden Colorado Redesign, Release Date

The Holden Colorado is known as a tough, off-road pickup truck that can handle its own. The 2017 Holden Colorado looks to be improving on its tough brand by adding a host of new features, higher performance, and more off-road capability. The 2017 Holden Colorado is rumored to be in development in Melbourne, Australia at a secret Holden lab. The rumors are that Holden is looking to improve performance both on and off-road. Towards the end of March 2016, the 2017 Holden Colorado was previewed at the Bangkok motor show on March 23, 2016. There are a number of exciting new features that the new Colorado comes with. The show truck features a bright orange paint finish on the vehicle, along with black accentuation. A new snorkel is at the front of the vehicle, while a roof-rack decorates the top. The truck came with impressive looking 18 inch mud terrain tires and its new spare tire mount in the truck bed having sported an extra one. All in all, it looks like Holden came to the show to impress. The new 2017 Holden Colorado certainly looks personalized, as you will see below.

2017 Holden Colorado - front

2017 Holden Colorado – Exterior and Interior Redesign

The most immediate exterior change to the car is its SUV-esque bumper. This won’t be your typical pickup truck. The bumper design is innovative and pleasing to the eye. It comes with integrated driving and fog lights, and a soft looking lower bumper. A snorkel is at the front of the car, which is a good sign as to the car’s power and performance. The Colorado 2017 also features niceties such as a tool holder and an integrated spare wheel mount, as well as a customized spare wheel T nut. The back of the truck also features the same softer looking lower bumper, as well as a stop light at the top center of the truck. A radio antenna is also in the same area.


The interior of the new model sports a modern look you would expect of a Tesla. It has been redesigned with a large 8 inch display, much like the Tesla itself, right in the center of the dashboard. The vents have been reshaped and the air condition controls re-positioned, giving a neat, clean look to the vehicle. A front safari style handbar was added, making the car feel like it can take you on such a safari. The interior is truly a mix of modern style with older, tough off-road vehicles. At the show, leather seating was on display, but it is unlikely that regular 2017 Holden Colorado models will come equipped with this. Expect to see that on the high spec models.

2017 Holden Colorado - interior

2017 Holden Colorado – Engine and Performance

Holden has been silent about performance specifics. It’s expected that the 2.8 liter four-cylinder diesel turbo engine will remain intact. If so, that will give the 2017 Holden Colorado 147KW @ 3600 RPM power, and 500NM @2000 RPM Torque on auto. That is one powerful truck. The towing capacity is expected to be 3.5 tons. It’s possible that the Holden Colorado’s specs will outperform these numbers, but until official stats are revealed, we can only speculate.

2017 Holden Colorado - side

2017 Holden Colorado –Release Date and Price

No one is certain when the release date for the 2017 Holden Colorado will be, but the vehicle is not on Holden’s list of new models to be released in 2016. Tentatively expect the vehicle to be released sometime in 2017. Holden’s design and engineering teams have labored intensely to produce a high performance pickup truck that can handle extreme road conditions. They have managed to keep the exact stats secret thus far, but even if they did nothing to the engine, it will still be a very high performance off reading vehicle. We can expect a standard model Holden Colorado 2017 to cost around $30,000. Expect the high-end models like the Z71 to cost approximately $46,000.

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