2017 Jeep Pickup Truck Review, Price

Being one of America’s most iconic brands, a pickup truck from Jeep will most obviously hit the market running. And rumours and leaked specs getting an added tone of reality, this new 2017 Jeep Pickup Truck is hot news. Read on for the latest info.

2017 Jeep Pickup Truck - front

2017 Jeep Pickup Truck – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

There’s nothing more signature in SUVs than a Jeep. And the Wrangler is Jeep’s leading product with over 200,000 units sold in 2015 alone. So, it is obvious that this upcoming 2017 Jeep pickup truck will be based on the Wrangler platform.

Spy photos of a pickup truck with Jeep’s signature front grille had hit the internet a while back. And recent news and leaks say that this new pickup will be named as the Scrambler.

All-in-all, this new pickup can be easily mistaken as a Jeep Wrangler pickup truck simply because it looks like an elongated Wrangler from all sides. Design cues follow the Wrangler on the sides as well with the wheel arches faintly visible from spy shots. Also, larger front and rear lamps are a possibility if the test mule design is carried over into production.

Other than these, the Jeep Pickup Truck 2017 was too heavily camouflaged for further observations.


Not to mention with modern equipment too. Jeep will stick to its interior design themes and patterns so buyers can expect a Wrangler type interior spec in this image. Wooden and metal inlays-accents will find more than a few places. But Jeep will look to keep this pickups curb weight in check.

A wooden central console is something that top-trim Wranglers’ sport. And this might find its way into this 2017 Jeep pickup truck cabin. The cabin interiors will contain top-of-the-line infotainment specs and feature keeping in mind that this will be a range-topping pickup.

An 8” TFT screen, 8 Speaker Audio, tri-zone climate, responsive and intuitive gauges, SiriusXM, OnStar etc. – these are features which will come with this new upcoming truck.

2017 Jeep Pickup Truck - front

2017 Jeep Pickup Truck – Modifications in the Engine

A pickup truck from Jeep will obviously come with off-roading capabilities. And being based on the Wrangler, this 2017 Jeep Pickup Truck will need both the proper power and a nice suspension give it that grunt.

Accordingly, speculations are that a new 2.0-liter Turbo Inline 4 aluminium block unit is developed by Jeep just for this pickup. With estimated power specs to range in at above 300 hp, this is one the most probable engine option for this pickup.

As for a base engine, Chrysler’s 3.6l Pentastar V6 may find its way into the lineup. This engine has maxed outputs at 285 hp and 262 lb-ft. in the current Chrysler 200s. These engines look most likely to be the under this upcoming pickups’ hood.

However, there are added rumours that a 7.7-liter Hellcat may be added to the line-up later to make give this pick up that much-needed grunt. There will be buyers who’d expect a Jeep Wrangler pickup to do some damage off-road. And this 707 hp engine will do it easily.

2017 Jeep Pickup Truck - rear

2017 Jeep Pickup Truck – Release Date and How Much will Cost?

So far, a 2017 Jeep Pickup Truck is something which the market is desperately waiting for ever since Jeep phased out the Comanche. It’s too early to estimate a price but what can be guaranteed is – this is one of the most anticipated pickups. Stay tuned for more info.


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