2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept Review, Price

Pickups are among the largest growing automobile sectors and it looks to stay that way for upcoming years. Pickups concentrating on the luxury aspects from a niche customer section with GMC and Ford being the only players. Lexus looks to take the competition to them as rumours and leaked images of a 2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept have surfaced on the internet.

2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept - front

2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

Lexus have gained a fair portion of the SUV market share with their RX and GX platforms. Design elements and cues will look to follow the same pattern with Lexus looking to enter the fray with aggressive exterior features.

A high-raised stance is expected with this pickup keeping in mind that it will have certain off-road features. Whether Lexus will look to use mother company Toyota’s Hilux platform cannot be confirmed as of now. Lexus might also use their RX platform with an elongated wheelbase.

The front fascia will have a GX-like grille mesh design following an X-shaped pattern. Air intakes placed on either will echo the same edgy angular look while sporting fog lamps. The gaping grille will taper backwards into a contoured hood with powerful lines. Cab configurations in this 2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept may start from dual cabs all the way to crew cabs.

A luxury Lexus pickup truck may have to do more with trailering than payloads so rear trailer hooks and lines may come as standard accessory additions. Under-bed cargo space is another feature which this pickup might sport from its base trims.


As is obvious with Lexus being a luxury brand, the in-cabin experience will look to be best-in-class as far as comfort and technology are concerned. Expect top-quality leather trims, upscale plastic and metal accents with everything that goes with it.

Top tech Infotainment features will include:

  1. Digital instrument
  2. SiriusXM Radio.
  3. Mark Levinson Premium Audio System.
  4. 3” high-res split screen multi-infotainment system.
  5. Lexus Enform Destination and Navigation.
  6. Voice Activation and Remote in-cabin Controls.
  7. HD Radio with subscription-less Traffic and Weather Updates.

Some of these features will be a first in the pickup if they are incorporated in this upcoming 2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept. Although these are features which are present in current generation models, there is no confirmation as to which or how many of them will find their way in it.

2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept - interior

2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Performance Stats

Rumours are that Lexus will look to their 3.5-liter V6 to power this upcoming pickup. A Direct Injection system with Variable Valve Timing, performance specs for this engine are as follows:

  1. Max Output – 295 hp.
  2. Max Torque – 267 lb-ft.
  3. Sprint – 7.7 Seconds. [0-60 Mph.]

Lexus may look to juice up this engine with a 10% power increase as a 30 mpg combined mileage is something that is neither expected nor needed from a pickup. Industry experts say that 5-10% increase in these specs is what Lexus might provide. A 6-Speed Auto transmission along with an AWD drivetrain is also expected from Lexus.

2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Pricing and Release Date

As a mid-size light-duty luxury pickup expected base trim prices for this upcoming 2017 Lexus Pickup Truck Concept may be at $45,000. With a release date in late 2018, there’s plenty of time to ponder and speculate so stay tuned.


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