2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept Redesign, Price

For luxury brands like Lincoln, the pickup truck segment has come up as an opportunity to increase market footprint and customer base. And the 2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept is a glimpse into what a production level pickup might turn out to be. Lincoln has long been associated with producing cars which are high on presence, style and grandeur without undermining utility. And this upcoming 2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept has quite a few talking points expressing all of these attributes and more.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept - front

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

As far as exteriors go, this 2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept exudes gentlemanly charm and guise. A well-measured minimal chrome grille, large headlamps, fog lights on slim rear fenders – minimalism is the key. The same applies to a simpleton rear end with body-wrapping rear lamps and the signature logo placed the dead centre on the bed lid.

There is no official confirmation or available info to review the interiors of this Lincoln concept pickup. And this applies for infotainment specs as well. But there are certain things which can be speculated given that Lincoln will concentrate on umpteen luxury and tech features.

Premium leather, top-of-the-line plastics, wooden accents – luxury features to this pickups’ cabin borders on overkill. Lincoln looks to outdo the likes of top trims from GMC, Chevrolet and Ford in this niche luxury sub-segment.

Infotainment and other tech specs may start with an 8” touchscreen as a multi-info display and interface. Other than a completely digitized information cluster, a top-of-the-line audio system with optional rear seat LCD monitors may find its way into the topmost trims just as in the case of a Lexus Concept Pickup. Additional features will include among others:

  • HD Radio plus Wi-Fi and 4G-LTE.
  • Sat-Navigation with OnStar and Smartphone Integration.

For a pickup, it is obvious that it will require off-roading and trailering capabilities. Standard Driver-Assist and Safety techs in the 2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept which will find a place in base production trims are: –

  • Blind-Spot Monitoring.
  • Lane-Assist and Forward Collision Alert.
  • Rear and Bed Camera plus 360-degree Camera Integration.
  • Anti-Roll and Hill Descent-Ascent Throttle Control.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept - interior

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept – Under the hood

Light-duty, mid-sized luxury pickups need more than above average power for buyers to consider them. And this 2017 Lincoln Mark LT has just that under its hood. A 5.4-liter Boss 315 engine from Ford’s lineup powers this Lincoln concept truck. These gasoline engines were badged as Triton till 2010 after which Ford dropped the name.

Maximum power of this engine is gauged at 422 hp@6500 rpm and maximum torque at 406 lb-ft@4750 rpm. With this engine, this Lincoln will achieve a near top-range power output figure. A naturally aspirated 4-valve DOHC (Direct-Over-Head-Cam) unit, this engine may find its way as the most powerful unit in the lineup when this pickup hits the showrooms.

However, the Lincoln Mark LT Concept 2017 might stick to a more standard 5.4-liter Boss 260 engine as the base unit for production models. With performance specs coming at 349 hp@5250 rpm and 369 lb-ft.@4000 rpm, this unit will suffice as a base option for this upcoming pickup.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept - rear

A Production-Level 2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept:

The 2017 Lincoln Mark LT Concept will look to put this concept model into production and then in showrooms around mid-2018. There is still a lot of buzz surrounding this pickup so stay tuned for more info.


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