2017 Mitsubishi L200 Design, Price

The yet to be released Mitsubishi L200 is a true beauty. It’s huge body makes it an excellent vehicle for long and adventurous trips. The huge space for luggage makes it even more likable.The name of this vehicle varies from place to place. The names are: Strada, Hunter , Triton and Sportero. The 2017 Mitsubishi L200 looks like a truck but has many features of an SUV and this makes if useful for carrying many items and even delicate equipment to long distances like delicate cameras for the shooting of a movie etc.2017 Mitsubishi L200 - front

2017 Mitsubishi L200 – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

The Mitsubishi L200 2017 has an attractive revised bumper on which will be located bright lights and wide air intake which will contribute to the better cooling of the engine. This excellent vehicle brags of larger headlights with LED bulbs and cool alloy wheels. The interior is as beautiful as the exterior. The airbags located in such a way that the passenger will be safe and not get injured in case of unforeseen circumstances. Efficient door lock system makes it even more safe,especially for children. The driver is immediately intimated about even the slightest malfunction. The 2017 Mitsubishi L200 has a stylish stereo, with a USB port and a charger socket. It can easily seat 6 people. Smooth gearing system and reasonable spacing between each seat. Push Start/Stop button is an added facility. The driver can control functions like increasing/decreasing the volume of the stereo and call someone without taking his/her eyes off the road as there are buttons on the steering wheel which help the driver carry out the above activities easily. This is a fresh model and when redesigned will be changed in many aspects. Active stability,traction control and trailer stability assist are some safety and drive assist features.

2017 Mitsubishi L200 - interior

2017 Mitsubishi L200 – Modification under the Hood

It promises a powerful 151 horsepower engine with 2.4 litres MIVEC. This stylish 2017 Mitsubishi L200 has a 4-cylinder diesel engine which makes it all the more suitable for long distance travel. The efficiency of the engine will improve with the models. The second version has an engine of 178 horsepower and peak torque of 430 Nm which is an impressive improvement since the first version’s peak torque is only about 380 Nm. About the transition , the 2017 L200 will either be available with a six-speed manual or a five-speed automatic.2017 Mitsubishi L200 - rear

2017 Mitsubishi L200 – Expected MSRP and Availability

The cost ranges from 40,000 $ – 48,000$. It is definitely one of the most awaited vehicles and the release date is still unknown. It has additional necessary features like a nice big TV screen, power adjustable seats etc.


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