2017 Toyota Hilux Design, Performance, Price

Toyota is back with its improved model of the 2016 Toyota Hilux. The 2017 Toyota Hilux has had a couple of interior updates and has been redesigned with visible exterior cosmetic changes. It would be bigger, sturdier and more efficient than its predecessor model and is expected to outdo all of its previous models and those of the competitors. Rumors have it that it will perform much better than all its earlier successful models like the Tacoma. Besides, the manufacturers are making every effort to ensure it’s a complete success in every angle. Remember that the previous models of this Toyota pickup were for the limited markets and now the manufacturers are introducing it to some new markets including the United States of America. There is no doubt that the Toyota Hilux 2017 is created to impress the Pickup lovers and definitely it’s going to cause major ripples in every sense and manner in the Pick-up family and even beyond.

2017 Toyota Hilux - front

2017 Toyota Hilux–Exterior and Interior Design

The 2017 Toyota Hilux model much resembles a mini truck van. It’s designed and suitable for both travelling as well as commercial purposes. Its exterior has been fervently redesigned to look sturdy and strong to counter stiff competition from its arch rivals. The new 2017 Toyota Hilux truck front grille, bumpers, and lights are designed to emphasize its mightiest and aggressiveness. In a nutshell, it has a wider, taller and longer exterior thus making it look like a sporty car and fit for a king. The departure and approach angles are projected and are better than the earlier models.


The 2017 Toyota Hilux interior has just a couple of changes. Its dashboard’s layout is identical to that of its predecessor model. The only significant difference is the type materials and equipment used in the new model. Nevertheless, much attention has been devoted to the climate equipment and audio system with the latest standards to guarantee comfortably and enhance the overall impression while driving. Expect modern technology equipment such as travel laptop, latest audio system complete with USB, automatic climate control, phone control, Aux-in, and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s safety features are also carried features include the airbag, ABS anti-lock braking system with electronic break-force distribution as well as brake assist, central locking system, hill start assist, driver seat belt reminder and impact sensitive auto door locking. These aren’t all the features the 2017 Toyota Hilux has been fitted with, there are other minor adjustments that the manufacturer have worked on too whose details will be known on its launch.

2017 Toyota Hilux - interior

2017 Toyota Hilux –Engine and Performance

The 2017 Toyota Hilux engine is bigger and performs better than its earlier models. The engine is built with numerous changes including 2.7-liter engine capable of producing 180 horsepower with over 188 Nm. Rumors also have it that the manufacturer is working on yet another engine, a 5.0-liter V8 engine capable of producing 160 horsepower. All the same, the performance of its engine will be significantly enhanced by the new gearboxes equipped with 6-speed available in both automatic and manual format.

2017 Toyota Hilux - rear

2017 Toyota Hilux–Price and Release Date

The new 2017 Toyota Hilux will be released before the end of 2016. It’s expected the price will be in the region of at least $ 20,000. However, these are just estimates that can be tilted either way when the new Hilux pickup is finally launched.

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