2018 GMC Sierra Concept Specs, Price

For an American manufacturer concentrating on pickups and SUVs, every single product is important. And this 2018 GMC Sierra Concept shows where the company’s design and specs will be heading towards in the future.

Although this is just a concept vehicle, the truth is, these specs are something which a buyer can expect from GMC in the future. And that is precisely why this 2018 GMC Sierra Concept is a pickup to keep an eye out.

2018 GMC Sierra Concept - front

2018 GMC Sierra Concept – Redesigned Exterior and Rumors about Interior Features

It does look better in the studio leaked images keeping with the same GMC design language. Up front, it looks like a huge lump of pure muscle. A shorter more compact grille design lies atop a large bulky unmistakable GMC-like front fender. The visible suspension below this concept truck gives it that off-roared feel and truly so.

The grille itself is not that far-fetched from current designs – its 3-layered line flaunting GMC’s base makes it immediately recognizable. The grille is encased with the same tone and material which characterizes that humongous front fender. The hood has added contours to them too.

Simpleton headlamps and fog lamps on either side contrast the monster which they hide finishing a ruggedly handsome front fascia. Powerfully muscled wheel arches are something that is common with all GMCs and to this 2018 GMC Sierra Concept as well. Rest of the body has minimal design elements with the rear end simply sporting boxy placed lamps.

Excellent ride-height is another feature that is easily noticeable – something which again echoes this pickups’ off-roading DNA.


In addition, there are very few official specs which are available regarding the internal specs of this 2018 Sierra Concept. But GMC has hinted just about enough for the industry to speculate.

GMC has always mixed utility in with top-of-line luxury and technology. Also, they have produced trucks which have an added factor of luxury to them. This 2018 GMC Sierra Concept will come with a handful of infotainment upgrades including a larger multi-infotainment touchscreen to start with.

Luxury specs are all about covering every inch of this cabin with an upscale plastic, metal and wooden accents. Innovative touch features with soft wooden knobs can also be seen from the designer studio-leaked images. Expect top-of-the-line leatherette and upholstery.

Heated and Power adjustable front seats and Dual-Zone Climate control are somewhat mandatory in this segment. Inclusions such as a central pillar fridge between the front seats, smoker’s pack, added Bose 7 Speaker Premium Audio system etc. are present in this 2018 pickup truck.

2018 GMC Sierra Concept - interior

2018 GMC Sierra Concept – Performance

This GMC Sierra Concept 2018 has continued with the same gasoline engine which runs current generation. Although output will be larger thanks to a few performance tweaks. Reported figures come in at around 360 hp and an unspecified torque.

A new 6.6-liter Turbo-Diesel engine has debuted with this truck as an added powerful engine option. This unit will have an output of about 400 hp and 765 lb-ft.

Both these engines are mated to a 6-Speed Automatic transmission. Being a concentrated off-road model, this pickup has only AWD drive train options.

Stay tuned for more info and updates on this 2018 GMC Sierra Concept.

2018 GMC Sierra Concept - rear

2018 GMC Sierra Concept – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

In conclusion, the price of this model is not yet precisely determined. The price will range from $ 35,000 to $ 60,000. It will depend on the performance, specifications, and additional functions that may own the truck. Finally, this model will be presented at the North American Auto Show in early 2018.

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