2018 GMC Sierra Design, Price

It has not been much since photographers managed to capture some early shots of General Motor Corporation’s new toy, 2018 GMC Sierra. Thus, we can clearly see that there will be some improvements in this concept. Not only will they make it look more stylish but they will also enchant its performance. In fact, rumors state that this car will probably be the best truck of the year that will wait a lot more than what is already on the market. As the engine will receive significant updates, so will the technological features of the car, on the inside. 2018 GMC Sierra - front

2018 GMC Sierra – Exterior and Interior Design

From high-quality materials to high technology, the interior of the new 2018 GMC Sierra will make every car enthusiast crave for this truck. There will be four seats available to carry three passengers and the driver. All of them will be covered in fine leather which will bring out the stylishness and elegance of this SUV. Plus, the steering wheel will receive the same treatment. The car also comes with a vast entertainment system which the driver will be able to operate easily through the 8-inch LCD touch screen panel system. The panel is made of aluminum, as well as the centre console, and it contains a music player with USB port, 4G WI-FI hotspot, Bluetooth, navigation, hands-free phone system and a charging pad. General Motor Corporation has spent a lot of time improving this panel to make it respond quicker to input. The software is well-designed, and there is a special icon for each function that it offers. The future 2018 GMC Sierra promises to arrive on the market with a few exterior design changes, too. The manufacturers chose to follow the previous model’s design as it remained strong, elegant, and up to date, but with slight improvements. For instance, the doors will have three-way seals to ensure to diminish the sounds that come from the outside. The windows will also be wind-resistant to create a quiet atmosphere inside the 2018 GMC truck. The 2018 GMC Sierra is a massive car, with up to 20-feet in length, and the roofline at 6.5-feet high. The model uses LED headlines both for the front and the rear. Car enthusiasts should also expect larger tires than its predecessors, all meant to accentuate the hostile look of this grand SUV.2018 GMC Sierra - interior

2018 GMC Sierra – Engine and Performance

The GMC Sierra 2018 uses a 6-liter V8 fuel engine that can have up to 360 Horsepower. Another variant will be a 6.6-liter turbocharged diesel V8 that will be capable of producing more Horsepower than the former option, about 397. At the same time, it will produce about 765-pound-feet of torque. Allison manufacturer also adds a six-speed automatic transmission to the diesel engine. Plus, the new engines will allow the car to ride on two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

2018 GMC Sierra - side

2018 GMC Sierra – Price and Release Date

The new vehicle of General Motor Corporation is expected to cost around $33,545, or even $54,545. Based on the new features and updates, car enthusiasts believe that the price will not overcome the previous model’s price too much. The release date is uncertain, as the Company has not released official information yet.

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