BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept Design, Price

BMW teased the whole world with an M3 pickup truck in 2011. Although this model received road certifications, it was not put into commercial production. Recently, the BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept came to the spotlight again as there are rumours that a new generation model might be released anytime sooner.

As the pickup truck segment is steadily growing, an increasing number of automakers are venturing into this realm. It would be a logical decision for BMW to enter this segment as it might turn out to be profitable.

Thankfully, as BWM disclosed all the details of 2011 generation M3 pickup truck, several speculations about a new model (if there’s going to be any) can be made. Experts have shared their thought on this and have said that a new generation M3 pickup truck could come with a lot of changes.

BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept - front

BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

Fans have already seen how 2011 M3 pickup truck looks like and the new model could bear considerable similarities. In other words, a new generation BMW M3 pickup truck concept could borrow the exterior styling from 2011 M3.

The new modern design language of BMW should just about bring a quintessential generational change. Up front, the pickup will retain BMW’s signature kidney grille. The design of headlights and bumper scoops can be refined for bringing out an aggressive stance.

Unlike most pickup truck makers, BMW might not present different cab configuration as it might drastically increase pricing. It is also important to note that if a new M3 pickup truck becomes a reality, it will be not be focused as a work pickup truck and rather as a luxury vehicle.


This also hints that interior cabin of this BMW M3 pickup truck concept is going to incorporate top notch luxury features. The company might integrate full leather upholstery throughout the cabin. Functions like power reclining, heating and cooling will be presented in the seats. Also, most importantly, modern technological features like smartphone integration and voice commands to the info centre will not be missed.

If a new BMW M3 pickup truck concept is to be a reality, then it can target mainly the U.S markets. As everybody knows, BMW vehicles don’t come at a fair price range. So expect the same in this new pickup truck.

BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept - interior

BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept – Modification under the Hood

The biggest change can make its way under the hood. To be specific about the new BMW M3 pickup truck concept, a 4.0-litre V8 engine can be used. Expect this engine to produce 292 lb-ft of torque at 3,900 RPM and 420 hp of power at 8,300 RPM. To bring improvements in fuel efficiency and overall performance, BMW might use a 6-speed automatic transmission system.

This new M3 pickup truck might be able to reach a top speed of more than 186 mph as a front wheel drive will be used. Buyers might even get the option for an all-wheel drive. Experts have even predicted that the new M3 pickup truck will borrow the old model’s chassis or it is even possible that a new lightweight chassis might be used.

BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept - rear

BMW M3 Pickup Truck Concept – Competition and Pricing

There are no official data on the release date of this model as well as the price. Finally, the only know that Toyota Hilux main competitors for this model.

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