Ford Atlas Concept Review

“A tribute to Ford’s truck legacy.” That is what the automaker had to say about its Ford Atlas Concept. Unveiled at the last Detroit Auto Show, this concept pickup is supposed to mark Ford’s F-series’ glorious 65 years, including the last 36 years as a best seller in North America.

But why the Atlas, and to some extent, everything is this much successful? Excellent engineering and understating customer necessities over the years might be the answer. If the Atlas concept does make it into production and hits the road, the Americans may turn out to be true to their words. Check out what all this pickup concept boasted in Detroit.

Ford Atlas Concept - front

Ford Atlas Concept Technology all over!

While designing this pickup, Ford has kept its competition in mind. The first noticeable spec in the Ford Atlas Concept is an 110-volt bed-integrated outlet. This might be something directly borrowed from Tacoma. The automaker is also boasting about its new 360-degree camera for keeping an eye on a host of surrounding actions. Nissan has been using this since ages.

Peeking through the window, one may also find knobs and switches on its glove box and all round ambient lighting. This is certainly done to leave Toyota Tundra behind. The pickup is also set to boast Dynamic Ditch Assist and Trailer Backup Assist showing trajectories and what not in the infotainment’s display. Overall, expect Atlas to be a complete technical package.

Ford Atlas Concept - interior

Muscular and intimidating

And that is the overall summary of the looks of Ford Atlas Concept. It has borrowed quite a few specs from the F-150. But Ford has remembered to polish every corner before putting this model up for show. What strikes out the most about this pickup is its classy greyish-silver shade with steel touches on its front grille. Headlights and fog lights look like an F-150. Its wheel arches, however, sports a more swollen look.

Side mirrors are massive, and Ford has added roof rails in these. Bonnet lines show depth and B-pillar lost its color. Interiors lit up with perfectly fit LED lights with blue spread all over. Seats seemed bucket-shaped with cargo space in the central console, and the instrument cluster was bigger than any of Ford’s pickup.

Ford Atlas Concept - rear

Ford Atlas Concept – Powertrain Options

Certainly not the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. It’s 240 hp rating is too modest for a pickup of this size. So, Ford put its 3.5-liter EcoBoost under the hood of Ford Atlas Concept. This will make power soar in the 270 hp range, and torque may touch the 350-400 lb-ft mark. Ford will look to improve on its EPA by 2-3 mpg at least. After all, it’s a tribute meant for its customers.

But the huge nostrils somehow indicate that Ford may turn this concept into heavy duty. This will see Atlas carry the 6.7-liter V8 unit. Power will soar to 440 hp and torque will peak at 925 lb-ft. It has the air vents ready; why not go for this bigger engine?

Signature Concept truck

And Ford claims that its Ford Atlas Concept will be the right pickup both for work and off-the-clock duties. Ford did combine power with luxury. It will be fascinating to see how GMC and Dodge reply to this Ford’s new step.

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