Kia Pickup Truck Concept Review, Styles Changes

The future is always more interesting than the present. And for the automobile industry, there’s nothing better than the future. Leaked images of a Kia Pickup Truck Concept provide just that glimpse into the future of this segment.

There’s much more to a Kia Pickup Truck Concept than just a company displaying its innovation and imagination. This concept from Kia is a sure-shot sign that they are looking to enter the pickup truck market at one point in time or another.

Although this was something that happened before too with the Kia Mojave concept back in 2004. Debuted at 2004 Chicago Auto Show, a nice little pickup truck with suicide doors created quite a raucous then. But Kia didn’t follow up the hype with a production model.

However, times have changed now. And with the pickup truck market heating up in both sales and models, Kia has a stronger market to inaugurate its first ever pickup. They have been busy, though, showcasing a model with tank tracks and autonomous driving functions in the just-concluded 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Kia Pickup Truck Concept - front

Kia Pickup Truck Concept – Body Styles Changes and other Options

With seats facing each other, passengers can enjoy a hassle-free uphill ride even in the harshest of snow conditions. That’s not the point in the upcoming Kia pickup truck concept, though. It is definitely not going to be an autonomous drive machine.

But as far as leaked images are to go by, this pickup does look like it’s straight from the future. A single cab design which looks more like a concept hot hatchback from up front, this model looks stunning.

Unlike the teeth-baring, bar-grinning Ford pickup concepts, this Kia concept pickup truck looks smarter and sleeker. A bi-layered grille divided by a shaped body continuation shows a small air intake down below – smart designing once again.

But other than the minimalistic air intakes on either side, the main highlights are the headlamps. Arching out of the body, they are probably the most futuristic aspect of the front fascia sporting dual horizontal LEDs.

The body on either side does resemble that of a hatchback or even a two-seater roadster and nothing like what a pickup is supposed to be. Design elements have more flow and style to it than the sheer power which current generations show. Perhaps that is the motive of this Kia pickup truck concept.

Kia Pickup Truck Concept - interior

Coming back to its cab design, an unmistakable flair-in through the middle of the cab is a design element completely unseen in this segment. Whether it’s to do with aerodynamics or only as a designed contour, is worth a question to this concept’s image renderers.

There is nothing to state that this is perhaps the design which will come up in any upcoming model. This design is at least a few generations ahead of the current crop. But, this is exactly what the future will hold.

But there’s something else that Kia has managed to hold – the imagination of this industry. This Kia pickup truck concept shows a new urban minimalist smarter breed of pickups for future roads. And who knows, maybe Kia will lead the way? Time will tell. Till then, stay tuned for more.

Kia Pickup Truck Concept - rear

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