Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept Redesign, Powerful Engine

The Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept debuted in 2013 Geneva auto show. This vehicle is a sports utility pickup truck that has a diesel-hybrid integrated under the hood to provide the best road performance, and it’s deemed to be best suited for individuals requiring heavy-duty daily requirements. According to the Japanese automobile manufacturer, this concept features a Super All Wheel Control and Four Wheel Drive and a super vehicle dynamics control system that provides the best traction performance in all road conditions.

Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept front

Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept – Exterior and Interior Redesign

Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept in dimensions measures 213.39-inches in the overall length, the width measures 76-inches, and the height of this concept truck is 69.88-inches. The wheelbase measures 118.11-inches, and this provides the driver with better control of the car when offroad or when driving at relatively high speeds. The mitsubishi concept gr-hev is installed with LED technology and the front and LED rear lights to assume a scattered diamond design. The grille has been designed to improve the performance of the mitsubishi gr by providing large air intakes for engine cooling. The exterior is designed elegantly providing the car with a streamlined styling that improves the aerodynamics and performance of the mitsubishi pickup truck.


The interior of the mitsubishi gr-hev is large enough and accommodates up to 5- passengers providing sufficient head and leg room. The seats are wrapped in a premium leather material, and this provides comfort to the users of the Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept. Also, the steering wheel is also leather wrapped for convenience and comfort and both audio and cruise control buttons are mounted on the wheel. The quality infotainment system is provided; they include improved audio speakers, USB ports, and Bluetooth for file sharing between the users of the car. A high-quality LCD is provided and to be used for both navigation purposes by the driver and also for the entertainment of the occupants of vehicle. This gr hev mitsubishi utilizes the renowned Mitsubishi full-time 4WD technology that features a Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) that is integrated into the car dynamics control system to deliver high stability traction and the best driving performance in all road terrains. This system has some advantages; one it provides an improved stability when towing, secondly provides torque regulation for an excellent and instant response in all terrain and lastly provides a safer and a sure-footed in all terrain performance over sand, mud, snow. For safety it is expected that Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept features; a traction control, blind spot alert, stability control, rearview camera, seatbelts, airbags, lane departure warning, tire pressure monitoring system, cruise control, four-wheel ABS.

Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept interior

Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept – Powerful Engine and Performance

Under the hood performance of Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept is provided by a combination of a diesel engine and an electric motor and battery pack. The diesel engine is a 2.5L engine and for the power output and torque, the manufacturer has not yet provided the information to the general public. The fuel economy is expected to be approximately 41mpg, and the CO2 emissions are 149g/km.

Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept side

Mitsubishi GR-HEV Concept- Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The price of mitsubishi pickup is relatively above $50,000, and the release dates of the truck are expected to be the late year 2017 for the 2017 year model.


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