Tesla Model U pickup truck Review, Price

The new Tesla Model U pickup truck coming soon in showrooms! With over 325,000 preorders for Tesla Model 3 and the hype that came along with it, there is a lot of promise in the future from the California-based auto manufacturer. Tesla is best known for its luxury sedan Model S.

Now, the automaker entered into the realms of trucks with the Model X. The latest news suggests that Tesla has its sight set on the utility truck market. The car manufacturer will be releasing its utility pickup form, likely to be known as Tesla Model U pickup truck.

Tesla is characteristically not known to follow the usual convention. The company is known to go its way when it comes to engineering and design. The Model U is an all-electric pickup truck and Tesla is going to manufacture it from the ground up as an electric model, instead of an adaptation of gas powered vehicle.

This vehicle won’t be limited by the conventional truck design that already exists. This would allow it to incorporate a lot of useful features that would otherwise not have been possible.

Tesla Model U pickup truck - front

Tesla Model U pickup truck – Incredible Front trunk

The front trunk, also popularly known as ‘frunk’ is a trademark feature of Tesla models. This front truck serves as a storage space in a location where a gas engine would have been if it were to be present. Tesla Model U pickup truck is expected to include this as well.

It will incorporate adequate storage in its standard form. Along with, it could offer 120V and 12V outlets, multiple USB ports along with wet and dry storage with drain plug. Other aftermarket accessories could include multiple organisation trays, refrigerator cabinet and charging station for cordless tool batteries.

Unique bed

Since this model is completely electrically powered, it won’t have to rely on the traditional solid rear axle and driveshaft. In-wheel motors could be expected, which would come as the next technological evolution from Tesla. With this, the bed of Tesla Model U pickup truck would have much more depth than any normal truck. This would mean even most bulky or large items could easily be rolled into its bed. Any Powersports enthusiast would certainly find this feature to be refreshing.

Refreshing features

This electric pickup truck will feature a heavy-duty power input port for hooking it up to the job site power. This would keep the battery from depleting after heavy usage. The reasonably sized optional fridge in the front trunk can be used for storing food and drinks. A 360-degree LED halo light on top of the cabinet ensures great visibility even when it’s the darkest.

Tesla Model U pickup truck - interior

Tesla Model U pickup truck – Electric Configuration

The updated 6.7-liter Power Stroke Diesel unit of Ford Super Duty impressed everyone with 400 hp of output along with 860 lb-ft of torque. The Ram 3500 also generates 900 lb-ft of torque.

In this case, the highest spec Tesla Model U pickup truck should also be able to generate a similar amount of torque, with an unparalleled towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. With a 0-60 acceleration done just in 5 seconds, it would be the quickest accelerating full-size truck in the market. The battery specification is not known yet, but even the base variant is expected to have a capacity of approximately 120 kWh.

Tesla Model U pickup truck - rear

Tesla Model U pickup truck – Price and Release Date

In conclusion, the Tesla Model U pickup truck is expected to arrive in 2018 or 2019 at the most with a starting price of nearly $60,000.

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